Program Costs

The VCCS International Faculty Exchange Program is an excellent professional development opportunity to host an international faculty member in your home and to travel to the exchange country at very low cost.

You will be responsible for housing and feeding your exchange partner for the two weeks that he or she stays with you. You will incur costs typical for hosting a guest in your home.  In return, your partner will feed and house you when you go to stay with them in May.

Your college and the VCCS pay for your flight to the exchange country and your travel to and from the airport on the dates of the exchange.

Costs you may be responsible for:

  • Passport applications, photos, renewal fees
  • Visas (Ghana only)
  • Travel immunizations and medications
  • Travel insurance
  • Additional costs if you elect to change the dates of the exchange to extend your travel.
  • Certain lodging costs that may exceed the agreement with your partner, such as if you agree to go to a weekend leisure activity.
  • Spending money on your trip.
  • International telephone plan or data plan
  • Excess baggage costs if your bags are over the weight restriction or if you check more than one bag.

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